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“This stone which I have set up as a pillar shall become a House of G‑d, and whatever you will give me, I shall repeatedly tithe to you.” Genesis 28:22

With these words, our forefather Jacob dedicated the first stone of the first sanctuary, known as the “Gateway to Heaven”. For generations since, Jews have been laying vital stones in the building of “Houses of G‑d”. Like the stone of the Kotel, these stones are not just made of stone, but of the hopes and dreams of Israel. These are stones with stories; stones with souls.

Locally, Chabad of Wilmette is now laying the stones of its new community center. You are hereby invited to dedicate an individual stone for each member of your family and/or to the memory of your departed loved ones. By holding a personal stake in the physical fabric of this “Gateway to Heaven”, each person named will forever reap the spiritual merit and blessings engendered by the prayers and good deeds of an entire community. Let your story live on!

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