You know about the latest gadget, the craziest celebrity gossip, let's talk about...YOURSELF! Each week we get together over piping hot pizza to discuss, debate and explore all things Jewish. 
Fee: $600 (includes participation in monthly club)

2019/20 Dates:

 1st Session: 8 Wednesdays, October 30 - December 18

Welcome to Hollywood – Acceptance, Friendship & True Stardom
This course explores culture and values including issues such as fame, rebellion, drugs, love and friendship. It offers teens the opportunity to discover how every film is inherently a commentary on life. They will be challenged to consider and think deeply about these messages, whether they agree with them, and how many of these values compare with those of our tradition.

2nd Session9 Wednesdays, January 15 - March 11

Jewish Revolutions – You Can Change the World
What values are worth devoting your life to? In this series you’ll encounter major humanitarian and environmental ideas—social justice, world peace, and freedom—that Judaism introduced to the world, and discover what difference you can make to society.