Community Services

Reaching out to all…Offering a hand in times of need.

Despite reports of healing, the devastating effects of the economic crisis continue to reverberate throughout our community. A staggering one third of Chicagoland children presently live below the poverty line, indicating that an overwhelming number of families in our city are struggling just to feed their children. 

Chabad of Wilmette remains dedicated to the continued betterment of our broader community through programs that directly assist families and individuals in need REGARDLESS OF AGE, RACE, OR RELIGION: 

Chabad of Wilmette Aid Association:  Assistance for Local Impoverished 

Headed by Rabbi Dovid Flinkenstein, our Aid Association provides assistance to those experiencing financial distress due to a job loss, medical condition, or other extenuating circumstances beyond their control. Our goal is to help these people get back on their feet so they may become healthy and productive members of our community. 

The level of assistance we are able to provide is handled on a case by case basis with care, confidentiality, and sensitivity to preserving the dignity of those in need and so as not to discourage future requests for help. 

If you would like to submit a request, please call 847-251-7707. 

**Please note that we receive a large number of requests, and we are doing everything we can to keep up given our limited funding. We strive not to turn down any person in need, and we would hate to do so due to a lack of funds. If you are able to help us give someone in our community a hand up today, please click here and type “Community Aid” in the comment box. Every donation helps.

Counseling Services: Help to Those in Crisis

Rabbi Dovid Flinkenstein offers counseling services to families, children, couples, and individuals in our community who are in emotional or relational crisis regardless of religious background or affiliation

Please call 847-251-7707 to make an appointment. All cases are handled with complete confidentiality and discretion.

**Appointment requests will be returned within 48 hours. Please call 911 for immediate emergency.