In this data driven, fast-paced conversation, Doron Kornbluth, who literally wrote the book on this issue, argues that cremation should be shunned for a host of pragmatic reasons. The religious argument is only one of the many ways he approaches this sensitive subject.

An ADVANCE DIRECTIVE FOR HEALTH CARE is designed to outline a person's wishes regarding end-of-life or emergency medical care. To ensure that you receive care that honors your faith, values and wishes we encourage you to consider signing this, or any similar document, to let it be known that Jewish Law should govern all health care decisions.  This legal document is limited specifically to issues that relate to Jewish law.

These are complex and often upsetting issues to contemplate, and you may wish to consult a professional (medical, legal, or pastoral) for assistance in reaching decisions.

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The ADVANCE DIRECTIVE FOR FUNERAL BY JEWISH RITUAL gives the rabbi of your choosing the authority to instruct all parties involved in any funeral arrangements, funeral services, preparation or burial, for the sole purpose of providing a funeral consistent with Jewish ritual.

A Jewish funeral is distinguished by its simplicity, humility, and solemnity. The general format of the Jewish funeral has been observed by Jewish communities in all parts of the world throughout our long history and has not changed for over four thousand years.


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