Building Dedications in Honor or Memory of a Loved One

Donor Plaques
An elegant marble "Donor Plaque" prominently acknowledging a special event or loved one.
Memorial Plaque
In Honor Plaque
Dedication Opportunities
Hebrew School - Naming
JLI - Jewish Learning Institute
Bat Mitzvah Club
Bar Mitzvah Club
Central Lobby
Educational Wing
Social Hall
Aron Hakodesh - Holy Ark
Rabbi's Executive Office

Hebrew School Administration

'Gates of Heaven' Skylight

Synagogue Seating
Audio/Visual Technology
Cloak Room
Stained Glass Windows (24)
$25,000 each
- 5 Reserved
 Office Furnishings
Prayer Book Cases
Kiyor - Ritual Washing Station
Window Treatments
Tallis Rack

Mezuzos (24)
$10,000 each
- 12 Reserved






Pledge Form
I/We are honored to donate the sum of   for a naming dedication at Chabad of Wilmette
Please have your Planned Giving Division contact us to discuss unique methods of gift giving and endowments.
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